Question Answer
How do I place an order? 1. Login using Mobile number
2. Assure your mobile number is having the format (9665XXXXXXXX)
3. Click on Yes, go to menu
4. Open the items that you want to order
5. Add them to the cart (by clicking on Add to Cart) and assure all items are added with proper quantity.
6. Click Checkout
How can I be certain my order been received?

A) Once the order is placed. Goto My Account on the top right and select My Orders.If the Order Delivery Status is Accepted; it means the Order is received. If the order status is not changed in 5 minutes, click Contact Us at the end of the page and call the respective branch.

How long the refund will take? A) It will take 7-14 days.
What are the restaurants hours? A) You can check the statuses of the orders.
How do I cancel an order? A) Call the respective branch to cancel the order.
Do you accept credit cards and which ones? A) Yes, we accept MADA, MasterCard, VISA and ApplePay